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All our Year 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to participate in the William Pike programme.  Throughout the year, the students will engage in a range of Outdoor Activities, Community Projects and Passion Projects.  By completing the challenges for this programme, students will develop resilience skills, which enable them to successfully overcome difficulties during challenging situations and also strengthen their 21st-century life skills.

The Three Elements


Community Service

By taking part in the William Pike Challenge programme students have to complete 20 hours of Community Service.  Some Community Service projects will be organised by the school but students will be expected to show initiative and lead some service on their own accord.

Students will record their hours for Community Service on the William Pike Challenge Hub.

Some examples of past community service have been road patrol, fundraising for charity, and street/park clean-ups.


Passion Projects

Throughout the year, William Pike Challenge students will independently work on Passion Project/s.  Passion Projects as a skill, hobby or sport that is totally new to a student. This is their chance to think outside of the box and have some fun!  Students have to spend 20 hours during the year on their Passion Project/s.  They will record their learning experience by writing reflections on the William Pike Challenge Hub website.


Challenge Activities

The William Pike Challenge students will take part in a range of activities that are designed to provide the participants with unique, challenging and memorable outdoor experiences. Outdoor Activities are undertaken as a group and are organised by the Teacher in Charge of the programme. They require determination, physical effort, perseverance and cooperation to complete.   Some examples of the past Challenge Activities are Adrenaline Forest (high ropes course), Tough Guy/Gal Challenges, tramp in the forest and skiing. 

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